As most of you know I am an avid Bulldog fan! I love the big ones, the little ones, the puppies & the seniors, no matter what size shape of color.

We are now taking in Bulldogs occasionally but only as space & finances permit.

I suggest that if you have a bullie you need to give up:

First call the breeder, most times they will take the bullie back

Second contact NW Bulldog Haven or Cascade Bulldog Rescue, they are the two bullie rescuers with the most experience in our local area & in the NW. See below for a list of other Bulldog rescues around the country that we know & trust

Unfortunately they are turning away so many animals in need that I am going to try to take up some of the slack. I also work with breeders in our area so they may on occasion have a person on their waiting list who will accept an older dog & not just a puppy.

Wait! What was that? A rescuer who works with a breeder? Yes I do, I have learned a lot about various breeds, & I know the difference between an ethical breeder versus a backyard breeder or a commercial kennel (AKA Puppy mill) Most of the breeders I work with have a 5 to 10 yr waiting list, & they have a love for the breeds like no one else. It is not these breeders who are creating the problems it is the BYB's, the Puppy Mills, & careless owners.

The purpose of this page is to educate you, whether you are a Bullie owner or thinking about getting a Bullie, I want you to know what to expect, & I want you to be absolutely 100% sure that this is a good choice for you & for them.


So you think you're ready for a Bulldog? A lovable lump of snuggles & goo. Well there are literally thousands of things you should know before you get one...