Want a dog? We can help you find the right one for your family & lifestyle

Got a naughty dog? We can help you find a trainer!

Dog acting strange? We can help you find a good vet!

Going away for a couple of days? We can watch your baby for you!

Need resources so you can keep your pet or get wellness care? We can help with shots, flea meds & a wormer!

Need a resource for cheap pet products? Here we are!

Do you have to place your dog? If we can't take them we can help find someone who can :~(

Did you see a gorgeous dog you just have to have across the state in a local shelter. Well by God we will go get them for you!

Got a question? Ask us & we'll try to help or steer you to someone who can!

So... What are we doing to make it better for homeless pets?

I have a ton of tips & tricks I use to get dogs adopted, & to educate the public.

I go to pre-schools & day cares as often as possible with a pound pet & explain to kids, animals have feelings, you would be HORRIFIED at how many don't even know that!!! I tell them about fixing their pets, the importance of spaying neutering & about the dogs & cats no one wants that get sent to heaven when they were supposed to be here because their people didn't care for them.

I pull seniors & sick dogs from shelters, the general public, & even off of craigslist on occasion & adopt them out for the cost of vet care if I cant afford it or take the seniors down to retirement communities so the people can have a doggie that they can handle that hopefully won't outlive them & it increases their health by a thousand times over, they take their meds, get out for walks & socialize more & they make new friends who dont have doggies yet, or friends that do.

I find free dogs on craigslist & send people my adoption contract to use, or post them on my page if the dog is fixed & even do home vet, & background checks if they need it.

I foster for people in domestic violence, homeless or military situations so their families can stay together.

I round up dog food & donations & share with other rescues when I can

I do free shot, & dewormer clinics for low income & homeless people, & on occasion provide food donated from Local Pet Pro's  or Mud Bays!

I post dogs on here from all over the country & help people set up transport or learn how to do transports from different areas,

I go to the fields & orchards & try to educate the migrant workers about spays & neuters & give them shots & deworm the dogs, I also make myself available in case they are going to just leave the dogs which they usually do when the picking season is over

I provide flea treatments for free for anyone who asks for them.

I take the dogs no one wants which leaves room open at the shelters & in other rescues

I go beg pet stores for adoption fair space & then share it with other rescues so they have a spot to go to as well

I transport dogs from all over to other rescues to get them out of shelters

I help people find dogs that are realistic for their lifestyles & living situations

I help people with training their dogs & behavioral problems so that we can keep more dogs in their homes

I drive dogs & cats to spay & neuter appts & pick them up for low income or housebound people.

I do end of life & respite care, for senior & terminally ill dogs

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