This is a story about 2 very lucky & now very much loved little girls... It is also the journey of a puppy mill dog's horrendous life cycle.They are overbred, then sold in "lots" of 2 to 20, to be bred some more, & when they become sick or have outlived their usefulness they are left to die or killed.

Rosie & Sophie's Story

     I met a woman on a facebook group, she told us all about her saving 2 dogs from a "horrid" breeder who was keeping these dogs in filth & in an 8x70 trailer with no air conditioning & that it was just parvo infested.

In ALL of our eyes she was a hero, then as time went on we found out that she was actually working with this woman & doing the artificial inseminations herself, as a matter of fact every puppy that has been born that was a smashface has been because of her breeding them.

She came on board & talked about responsible breeding telling us all she had 30+ years of breeding experience, & chastised someone for keeping a spina bifida baby alive, which made everyone kind of step back & REALLY listen to what she was saying.

The other woman bought 6 dogs from a puppy mill breeder named Lois Garrett Harder who had already bred most of these girls atleast 3 to 4 times by the time she got them. She is a breeder & thought the bullies would mean some good money, but she soon found out that breeding bullies is a whole new can of worms with very little money to be made so she put ads in the paper to sell them. She was contacted by Alondra who told her the 30 yr story & said she knew how to do everything & they could make some money together with Alondra doing the AI's. Why would she question her? 


Alondra CLAIMS to be a responsible breeder as stated above who thinks you should kill all deficit bull pups. BUT a responsible breeder makes sure that the dogs are healthy first, that all of their vetting is done, that they have had checkups, & that you have started pre-natal care MONTHS before breeding, a responsible breeder would've seen all the spay scars on them & noticed the OBVIOUS health issues those dogs had & would have NEVER bred them, out of the whole lot there was only one who was worthy of being bred & even those would've only been for pet dogs. A responsible breeder checks their paperwork & see's that the dogs are on a LIMITED REGISTRATION & WEREN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE BRED AT ALL. 

Last night I got several emails & phone calls that Alondra is asking people to sell her 8 or 9 week old puppies (depending on who she asking) which in REALITY are my Rosie's 5 WEEK OLD PUPPIES, she told one person she wants to sell them to buy some breedable dogs to start her own breeding program.

I seen Rae posting on her page that she was out of town so I sent a mole into her operation, all of the animals were healthy, the property was clean.. Whoever was there let my friend in there to wander the whole property & even in the house. . All of the dogs appeared to be healthy socialized & thriving & she is a vet from 2 counties over.


My vet sat me down & told me what Sophie went through & WHY it took 3 hours to do what SHOULD have been a simple spay. She has pustules filled with old babies probably from the last breeding that didn't take, she already had 3 separate incisions from c-section scars plus one other scar where it appears that puppies were also taken from. Her little womb was not just battered, it was mutilated, in places where there was injuries & tears pieces of it had grown into other places, so that is 4 litters, then one AI that produced pups that never grew & while those pups ROTTED in her uterus, she was inseminated again & carried 6 pups to term & then was forced to deliver vaginally 4 pups at home, & 1 pup at the doctors office & then as most of you know she was dropping pieces of another puppy out of her mixed with blood & pus once she got here.

I have given credit to Alondra for having the heart to get these dogs out of that situation & to rescue but my vet told me I was being naive... Huh? She said "Look she kept those 2 puppies, girls who can make about 6 litters a piece, 12 litters x's 5 pups average = 60 x's 2000.00 bucks a piece, 120K in the bank & once those ones are all used up she will give them to the next kind hearted rescue she can con into taking them because they are of no use to her. Of course she gave you those 2 girls they are of no use to her, & they would cost her too much money to even get healthy enough to adopt out" So what? I really thought she was trying to help those dogs but I was only going there to get Rosie, then Sophie got thrown into the deal but she kept saying if I could get Sophie healthy she wanted her back TRANSLATION: If she was able to be bred again I should send her right back. 

I drove 1300 miles, spent 1800 of my own money along with probably over a 1000.00 dollars donated by the Bully Nation, Rosie is still very sick & will probably lose her eye because of an injury to it & Alondra putting vaseline in it. These girls still have a long hard road ahead of them. Rosie deserves to have 1 of her own babies that she worked so hard to bring into this world. Those puppies DON'T deserve to be used & abused the way their mother was. . As for this Lois I have contacted the guy who is the USDA inspector down there so hopefully I will hear from him soon.

There was more for Sophie & what they found & what she went through but I just don't know all of it, she has more tests & exams to go through before we know the full extent of what she has endured. I've included a picture of her at home now. I have also made this post public so it can be shared. 

Thank you to everyone who loved & cared for these girls. I couldn't have done this without all of your love support & caring The girl's story does not end here & it does not end the way the lives of most mill dogs do, Sophie required life-saving surgery but I had already spent 1800.00 on rescuing the girls & preliminary vet care but the "Bully Nation" came together & donated the much needed money for her surgery.

Here are the girl's special Angels without whom little Ms Sophie would not be sitting here today

Susan Tanner

Megan Etringer

Robert Hale

April Watts

Ruthanne Phillips

Anissa Berriochoa

Kristine Medea

Sandy Smith

Ninez McConnell

Sandy McIntire

Maria Shumate

Valerie Vice

Kaly White

And to the numerous folks who prayed for the girls & me, who cheered us on, who listened to me cry whine, fuss & cuss, who laughed with me, cried with me & never gave up on them.