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Hello everyone, it is with great sadness I have to say I finally tangled with an animal control agency that plays a lot dirtier than I ever realized they could, they have taken my dogs & cat, & have already killed one. I am in the fight for my life & theirs so we are not doing a whole lot of rescue these days. I will still try my hardest to help any person or animal in need if I can though. Because of the fact that I am a licensed business Dex in all of their wisdom listed me in the yellow pages so the calls are non stop for animals in need. For those of you that have asked what is going on here is the web page explaining it I wanted to wait til it was almost completed before posting it, as of now it has most of the information needed to understand what is going on, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me to ask! http://www.taamuvcityofeverettanimalcontrol.yolasite.com//

We are gearing down with intakes for the moment as I have to keep my time free for an upcoming lawsuit but I will still be doing transports & the occasional intake for emergent cases.

Announcing our new blog... this is the place where I blow off steam, rant & rave, give kudos, sometimes a few Darwin Awards of my own, list people on my Do Not Adopt, Do Not Rescue, or Do Not Use for Transport. It is also where I am cataloging harrassment from 2 other rescues or rescuers as it were. I am not computer savvy enough to put any fancy bells & whistles on this site or my blog site so if you can do that please by all means let me know! http://finallyhomerescue.wordpress.com/
Well another Westwood Villiage adoption event has come and gone. We only had one adoption thanks to David the Dog Walker who worked some kind of a miracle with a little gal I brought to the event. If you are thinking of ever training your dog, I have seen him in action, seen his work and the results. I am a little leary of all these new age dominate, be the alpha dog trainers but he was so gentle with my rescue girl I never had to give it a second thought. So Thank You David!!! Here is the link to his site http://www.davidthedogtrainer.com/
After finding out that Canadae sold out and changed their formula (the hard way with 17 dogs with the runs) we switched to Wellness and Innova, well it seems that Innova has sold out to Proctor & Gamble the makers of Iam's and cruel animal testing we have made the switch to Costco's Kirkland Signature foods. The good great awesome news is this: It has more wholesome ingredients in it than many of the so called high end brands, it actually has improved out dogs health, coats, & appearance, we've had no problems with allergies, and oddly enough the Eskimo's eye stains have almost completely disappeared. It is now the recommended food of choice for our new adopters and on our wish list for food to be donated, not to mention a bag of Wellness can cost up to 70.00 but the Costco KS is about 17.00 to 30.00... not a hard decision to make for me!

I have to Thank all the wonderful people at the Pet Pros in Renton on Old Benson Hill. They have made countless donations of food and have helped many new adopters get puppy & dog supplies without fleecing them for their life savings. They also have a store located in Westwood Villiage but I still favor the great people on Old Benson :@)

We will soon be offering prints & originals from Amie McNeel!!! We will be offering prints for a 100.00 donation & the originals for a 300.00 donations. More details to come, but if you have a portrait of a favorite pet send it to me at finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com and let us know if you'd like the print or original!

A big hurrah for another one of our benefactors Ed T who has helped us out beyond all belief

We are on the move again! A house fit for a dog... or 16! :@) We are still 900.00 short but working our way up to it! Wish us luck!

I would like to Thank Judith Smith for her wonderful donation of money to help us finish vetting the rest of our Eskies as well as helping with their daily care

We are currently looking for donations of time, supplies & money. We also urgently need foster homes as well. I recently started taking all the left over Eskies from the Kennewick puppy mill raid that were deemed "unadoptable" & have been working with them & they are doing beautifully.

I would like to acknowledge the staff & all the hard working dedicated volunteers at all of our Oregon & Washington Humane Societies for having the love & forsight to not give up on them, to keep fighting for them to find them all homes & rehab when needed, they truly are Fur-Angels. The Portland Oregon Humane Society has also recently started helping out the other shelters in the area, taking on their overflow to save as many lives as they can so please go to their website & check out the many animals they now have in need of love, & a home Please click on the link below to make a donation to our PayPal acct if you are able to. & thank you, every little bit helps

Please don't forget that soon the owner of the puppy mill in Kennewick will be going to trial. I want to be able to go there personally to make sure she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

We have some exciting news!!! Because of the generosity & networking of Caroline Bo/Charlie's new mom, we now have a vehicle!!! You may giggle as you see it drive down the road, it is not beautiful but it is the most beautiful thing I've seen in years because it means I can now save more lives, it is a 1986 Toyota Corolla hatchback & yes I've already taken every size crate I have a arranged & rearranged them all to see how many I can fit in there so expect to be seeing us as often as possible in Eastern Wa. at your local shelters!!!

To date we have saved 15 animals with our new car, & we now have a state business license as well as our app in to be state recognized as a non profit! This is the first 2 steps to getting our 501(c)3!!! We are still in need of kennels & supplies as well as foster homes though, please see our wish list page to find out what those are. We have ordered our puppy shots so pretty soon we will have 4 female Eskie pups up for adoption.

To whomever dumped the pregnant Eskie mom on my doorstep I was angry with you at first but now I'm just grateful you did the right thing for her, please have your male fixed & if you don't have the resources to do it contact me & I will pay for it myself 

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