Wish List

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We are always in need of donations, either to our paypal account or to our vet...

Donations of Towels, Food, Medicine, Supplements, Toys, Collars, Leashes, Crates, Beds, Treats, & Clothing are also much needed

We can always use foster homes, the more we have the more animals we can save!!!

We need fundraisers & people with grant writing experience to volunteer their time

We always need vet techs to help out if possible

Groomers are always needed

We need people to do home visits to check on the animal's new home

We need help with answering emails, sending apps, follow up calls, letter writing, answering phone calls, & gathering donations
We can always use volunteer dog walkers

Here is our list of items we always need from valleyvet.com

Appetite Express 5lb-$24.75
Disposable Syringes w/out Needles 3cc's 100ct $14.95
Fel-O-Vax IV + CaliciVax 10ct $47.69
Welactin Equine 32oz $49.95
Galaxy DA2PPv 25ct $89.50
K.O.E. (Kennel Odor Eliminator) 16oz $9.95
Nolvasan 1gn $62.95
Organic Iodine 1lb $4.49 
Privermectin Sheep Drench 1qt $49.95
Taktic 27.5oz
Equi-Tussin 32oz $14.29
Air Power Equine Cough Formula 34oz $23.59

What can you do to help?

1) Don't buy pets from pet stores,
it only feeds the money pit for puppy mills & Backyard Breeders
2) Report any suspected animal abuse, hoarding, or puppy mills that you know of. If you would like to remain anonymous please email me
3) Volunteer at your local shelters to be a foster home
4) Adopt from a rescue or shelter
5) Donate,
time, money, or supplies to a local shelter or rescue group
6) Sponsor a dog even if you can't foster or adopt a dog a monthly gift for continued care goes a long way!


In an effort to raise funds we are asking for Costco gift cards, the nifty thing about this card is that it is an automatic "receipt" for your donation but you can also look it up on line so you can see how your donation is being spent. We usually spend 250 to 300 a month, sometimes more at Costco every month, so this would be a God send for our rescue & for the community needs
Costco Cash Card
Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders. Pet supplies for the health and happiness of your pets.
What does it "cost" to save a dog?
This is a very common question... It has many answers. Every rescuer is different in the level & types of care they give to each animal.

I treat for fleas, worms & give vaccines. I feed the dogs the very best of food since most are so lacking nutritionally. I also give them pro-biotics, supplements, electrolytes, and super weight gain.

Then some need surgery, vet care, & on-going support. It can cost me 400.00 to 2000.00 dollars per dog to get them ready for adoption or to even keep them alive. We also now have the cost for micro-chips. We have groomer and trainers who volunteer their time, but most times we need to do it ourselves or pay for it. We have to buy enrichment toys, blankets, bedding, treats, crates, collars, leashes, harnesses, & puppy pads. We also usually have to spay or neuter most of the animals.

We recently moved back to Seattle and have lost the luxury of 1 fenced acre of free space & we are in desparate need of kennels & fencing so our dogs can have some fun & daily exersize. We also need building supplies to create an indoor play area for bad weather days

I usually take the feral, old, dying, or puppy mill dogs so my rescues are long term dogs. Most are on daily meds, or need additional therapy in many forms

The other "cost" of saving a dog
There is so much love, work, effort, and money that go into saving, & rehabbing a dog to get it ready for you to take home to love forever.

Even puppies cost a big chunk of money to be properly healthy to go home.

The other cost is one you can't put a dollar figure on.

As a rescuer so many sad stories come across your email, across your phone lines, you must pick and choose which animals you can save, the others faces haunt your sleep at night, then you have to help these little furkids overcome sometimes brutal pasts, you must grieve with them for the home & family that they have lost, you spend many nights getting up 3 to 8 times a night to watch them sleep or to wake them from a nightmare. Then you watch as they grow, & blossom into these wonderful creatures.

In some cases when it's the end of life care, you know they will leave the earth in your arms but it is no comfort because ultimately you will lose them...

So you come to pick up your new doggie, we go through all the application processes, & you take him or her home to live out your lives.

I go to their kennels, put one of 2 of their toys away, put their hair clipping & folder into the "Adopted" drawer & I cry for joy, for missing them, for what could've been, for what is... but then there is another call, another email & the whole process starts all over.

Then there is the trip to the vet for the one's who have suffered enough who's pleading eyes have let you know it is time for them to cross the rainbow bridge, there is no happy ending, only release, and my own anger that someone they devoted their lives to just dumped them on me to care for at the ends of their precious lives, never understanding that these dogs would've gladly died for them.

I don't know how to put a price tag on a broken heart, a new life, or the needless end of life...

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