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So why would a seemingly sane person go to the shelters week after week, pull some dogs & sit outside & cry for the one's she couldn't.

Why would a normal person sit in the woods for days getting their butts kicked by deers & jumped on by bobcats looking for an injured dog who wants nothing to do with any of it?

Why would a logical person let some air out of their bald tires & go across 2 mountain passes in a blizzard & a freezing rain storm to save a group of dogs who'd rather be anywhere but with humans.

Why would someone continuously take the dogs from the back of the shelter who are sick or dying, or from homes all across the state that are old, have one eye, 3 legs & at death's door?

Why does she still cry when they die?

It is the same reason I have stood between a pregnant dog & the tribal police who were using her for target practice,(who delivered 6 pups 5 hours later), the same reason I got a fake gun & went into a drug/gang house & took 5 pit bulls out of there, the very same reason I punched a man 3 times my size who was hanging a blind puppy in front of Wal-Mart from it's leash, the same reason I have walked into the middle of dog fights & took the dogs from a bunch of punk kids, the very same reason I go up against dirty corrupt rescue & shelters who abuse animals, the very reason I buy almost dead dogs from crackheads, the exact same reason I take the dogs that no one wants or that are deemed "unadoptable".

They can't fight or speak for themselves!

I grew up with a stepfather who would torture & kill all of my animals, bringing home a new puppy for him was worth weeks of torture to me, on the summers when I would go with my grandparents to work in the field's we would get a dog & at the end of the season we would leave, often times with my little doggie running behind our truck & me screaming for them. all of my life I have seen animals mutilated, tortured, abused & abandoned, but I changed that. I had children, I also adopted children & I taught them not to hit, not to hurt, I taught them to be kind to people & animals... Then they moved out, & I was alone, after a hike in the woods one day my mother & I came upon a cabin with a raccoon cage in front & there was something alive in it, it looked like a large raccoon but when I got closer I realized it was a dog, or rather a wolf hybrid as I was to discover later, evidently I told the wrong person that story because 2 months later I got a call from a woman asking me if I was a wolf rescue, I said absolutely not, she said well fine if someone doesn't come down here & get this dog I'm gonna kill it. Okay... after pacing for about 15 minutes I picked up the phone & called her back got her address & took off like a bat out of hell. I believe this to be the day an animal rescuer was born. I got to him & he had multiple injuries & a broken nose. Life went on as normal til one day I heard the STRANGEST sound... I went into my laundry room to see what it was, there was a slimy wiggly little black thing OH DEAR GOD PUPPIES!!! Alright well... after a quick check I realized the boy, I rescued some time back still had his "equipment" & there was never any sign of the girl being in heat, so now I have 8 puppies, & no clue. Around that time I was driving & a little black rat ran in front of my van & just stopped, it wouldn't move, so I got out to chase it off the road & realized it was a cat, or kitten, now the last cat I had was in the same neighborhood some 30 yrs earlier & I refused to have a cat after everything my stepdad did to mine. I tried to take the kitten to the Everett Animal Shelter, but hey were going to kill it, a black sick cat, no one would want that, so I took it home, but we did have a nursing mother...So that was the day we created Cat-Dog  who is still a very confused little kitty that tries to howl at sirens. Finding homes for hybrid pups turned into quite the challenge & some were brought back multiple times, it was then I started to learn about the plight of domestic animals, but still thought like most people do that shelters were a friendly place that took great care of your animals & found them ALL fabulous homes. I learned the hard way it was the farthest thing from it at the cost of my first "rescue" the male we rescued had bitten several people & would escape & bite people, I knew he had to be put to sleep, but everything came to a head when for some reason the mother started attacking her own puppies, she finally killed one, & distraught I took them to the shelter & told them what had happened & that she was still adoptable, but he might not be, when I came back later that DAY I found they had put them both down. I failed them in every way possible, by not knowing about spaying & neutering, by not knowing about wolves & hybrids, by thinking that the shelter was our friend. I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.

I started learning then, I also started doing wolf & wolf hybrid rescue while still having 3 to 5 of my own wolves, my son had adopted one of the original females, & he said he got her fixed, & then he was re-activated & sent back to serve our country, at this time I also had a set of brother dogs, little Kelpie mixes... Well she wasn't fixed & neither were the boys & oh crap AGAIN puppies, right around this time I had a mild stroke, & I knew I couldn't handle puppies & 5 wolves, oh & 2 cats. Just to make matters worse we had also moved to a place & made the mistake of having all the carpets steam cleaned, but the people there before us had used the apartment as indoor toilet for their dogs & as soon as the heat hit the carpet pad all of the ammonia came up & for months I had to keep some of my dogs boarded, til we could move. I called something called a "rescue" about the mom & the puppies, she came & took them all & got surgery for one of them, fixed them all & then I learned some more. In this time I had also gotten a schnauzer from the Everett Police Dept who had multiple cigarette burns, multiple fractures & was just a train wreck. Then a lady called me telling me that if I didn't want her dog she was going to kill it (What is it with women killing dog???) So we had an old man little Eskimo too. By then all of the original pups had been adopted out, except for one I kept, the rest all went to family & wolves being what they are... My own dog decided he liked my cousin more & moved in with him. Now in this time I had one of those puppies stolen, & I spent about 20,000 looking for him to no avail. So if you're not following me I have 2 kelpies, 2 cats, a Schanuzer & an Eskimo. The second cat came from another rescuer, she had been partially eaten by a raccoon, & the mother & most of the siblings killed shortly after we got the first cat. So life is calm, things are good, then I got a call from someone who said someone told them I have an Eskimo & that they have one that has been around their property that had been getting attacked by coyotes & was possibly in heat & could I help. Well okay, after a couple altercations with an angry Buck, I finally caught her & off we went. A couple weeks later a friend of mine calls HYSTERICAL & says the tribal cops are using a pregnant stray dog for target practice & I hauled butt up there & sure enough they were, I stood between them & her & told them they'd have to shoot me to get at her, I took her to the vet, & it was decided that where her bullet was couldn't be helped til after she had the puppies, so I'm laying on the couch sleeping with her I am awakened by my Eskie screaming & I am soaking wet. I go chase him to see what's wrong & came back to check on her & there were... yep, you guessed it PUPPIES!!!So now I've got some kind of Keeshond mix, 2 Eskies, 2 Kelpies, 2 cats, 1 Schnauzer & 6 puppies. I get some of the pupps adopted out & right about this time the Kelpie brothers decide they are going to try to kill each other on a daily basis, so I kept the one with the seizures & adopted out the other. I get a call from a woman about a mini St Bernard who belongs to another rescue but she couldn't foster the dog anymore so that rescue tells her to take it to the pound & tell them that he bit someone so they would put it down!!! THEN I LEARNED SOME MORE. I decided I wanted to do rescue on my own. I have tried to do well I have tried to learn more, I have tried to educate people , I have tried to save as many as I can & some days I would rather be dead than have to open another email, take another call or walk into another shelter, but if I quit, who will they have?

It's not glamorous,

I am no one special,

I have made mistakes, & am very likely to make many more,

I have put myself in some very bad situations fighting for the rights of these little souls but I can't offer any apologies to anyone for that except for my own dogs.

I am not all high & mighty, we all make mistakes, I don't believe I am better than anyone, because I am not.

I am also autistic which gives me a lot of problems but I also have a good network of people who understand me & care for me & most times help me get out of the trouble I get myself into. I hate liars, I hate egos which are so prevalent in rescue & shelter circles which is why I hang on to the good ones with all of my might... but the bottom line is I love animals.

Please look at the pictures down below, these are real dogs, they are feeling real pain, fear & confusion, they are thinking feeling caring sentient beings,  what every person who was lucky enough to own them never realized is that those dogs would've gladly laid down their lives for these worthless in-human beings.

This dog was rescued from the Everett Animal shelter, just one of many that came out beaten & maced by the employees at the shelter, I complained & was prevented from pulling from there anymore & now that we are in litigation they have prevented all rescues from pulling any terriers from their shelter, so now every single terrier that walks through their door dies, alone, afraid & unloved, but most disturbingly probably beaten & in pain... Death is probably a welcome release from their suffering

This poor girl did her best to take care of her puppies, she was nothing more than a photo opportunity. It is unknown what became of her or the puppies

This dog was purchased out of the back of a truck from a drug addict for 200 along with another     starving puppy

Same dog 5 months later. The crackhead kept her locked in a kennel & refused too feed her because she said the dogs were plotting on her                                  

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